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Week 5: Spring 1150; The Great Hall Nears Completion
Topic Started: May 12 2018, 01:47 PM (119 Views)
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Week 5: 1150
Turn Order Due MIDDAY (EST) Friday 18th of May.

Following his impressive hauls of fish last week, Hans once more heads down to the river that he is beginning to get to know quite well. His casting has become quite effortless and has become able to effectively identify the prime location for bait and his casting (+19 food). Maria Romano disregarded Isabelle’s suggestion this week and joined Hans on his journey down to the river half way through the week and by the end of the week they were chatting constantly with one another while they fish (+12 food). At one point however, Hans was paying a bit too much attention to Maria and quite a large fish that he had caught on the hook managed to rip the fishing rod out of his hands, swiftly taking it down river out of sight. Maria managed to see the funny side of it though fortunately for the embarrassed Hans. (-1 tool)

Isabelle Vil does her usual delegation as she has done every week so far, with those who already are not set upon performing certain tasks following her suggestions. An air of authority seems to now shroud Isabelle and her ‘suggestions’, as many of them see her as being instrumental to bringing them through a few weeks of dangerously low food supply (Isabelle gains the Authoritative trait). She spends a lot of the week building a fenced off area near the river with a small shed (-4 wood), she hasn’t made clear to the rest of the community exactly what this is for. Gyrocile seems concerned at the tiny, almost duck-sized nature of the shed. It certainly wouldn’t be big enough for him, let alone him and his generous endowment. Isabelle is also seen sorting through the food stores that are under the watchful eye of the Town Guard.

Westar Vil begins the push to get enough resources to finish construction of the Great Hall and begin efforts to get houses built across the area that the group has cleared so far (+15 wood). Sergei Alexandrov and Sven joined Westar’s efforts and between them end up with a considerable amount of wood added to the stores (+42 wood).

‘The Hurricane’ sets about improving the treehouse he’s already built. He adds a studier ladder to it (-2 wood) that enables the older members of the community to climb up with less trouble than before, Alva Haraldsdottir seemed particularly appreciative of his efforts. He also sets out plans to construct two more treehouse/watchtowers, with one at the North end of the village and one on the East (the original one was nearish to the centre). He’s prepared all the resources necessary to construct them, he only needs to start building them in the weeks to come (-54 wood, 4 actions left on each Treehouse).

Ah-Chuy-Kat joins efforts by the community to alleviate the food shortages experienced over the past few weeks, heeding advice (and threats) from some of the group that continued efforts to explore the region would be met with a limitation on rations and other potential punishments (+14 food).

Following the loss of a substantial amount of game she caught last week, Émilie took to operating out of the village area this week, storing caught game with the other food supplies that Benjamin O’Drell watches over (+13 food, Émilie gains the Novice Hunter trait). She announces that the animals that stole her game last week will pay and attempts to find similar tracks in the forest around the village this week, to no avail.

Iskander splits his time once more between hunting enough game to survive the week (+6 food, Iskander gains the Novice Hunter trait), cutting wood for constructing his hunting lodge (+7 wood) and actually constructing the lodge (0 wood left, 1 action left). He spent quite a bit of his free time thinking about how he could best prepare meat to cook for ‘optimum taste and minimal health risk’, unfortunately as he did not have any supplies of firewood left he couldn’t physically test this at all.

Margaret continues her efforts to forage on the river bank for snails, clams, mussels, crawfish and so forth (+7 food). She spends most of her time though looking for both edible and herbal plants, and with Agatha’s knowledge manages to expand the breadth of what she knows to collect (+4 food, +willow-bark and nettles).

This week has seen the arrival of three new people at the clearing where the community is constructing the Great Hall. One has introduced herself simply as ‘Agatha’ and seems to be of advanced years, but her strength and vitality remain very present. She spends the week engrossed in assisting Alva Haraldsdottir with cooking for the community. She spends time with Margaret in the forest nearby the communal clearing to help her in her search for herbs and plants for use in medicine and teas. Agatha is a bit more familiar with the local flora and is able to identify some more plants while spending time with Margaret. By the end of the week Agatha has built rapport and trust with much of the community (+4 handfuls of nettles, +3 handfuls of liquorice plant).

Benjamin O’Drell is settling into his role as the Town Guard, just as the community is getting used to having his as a Town Guard. There were no disputes or arguments this week, as the sloths of the community were either deceased or beginning to actively contribute to the community. Benjamin should take pride in the part he played to encourage the sloths to begin working for the good of the community.

Norman Bates at the start of the week had announced that he had seen a vision of an angel sent from the lord. For the entire week he seemed doggedly determined to collect enough lumber so that he may begin building a small chapel in the weeks to come. Exactly what form the chapel will take, or how he will actually construct it is yet to be clear… (+16 wood, Norman Bates gains the Zealous trait).

The second new arrival over the past week was a young male introducing himself as ‘Joshua Romanov’ and his donkey, ‘Gyrocile’. The well-endowed nature of Joshua’s donkey was the main topic of talk between the women of the community. Joshua springs straight into action following suggestion from Isabelle and works to help construct the Great Hall for his newly found community (0 wood, 1 action left on the Great Hall). Gyrocile spends his time chilling in a way only donkeys know how.

The third new arrival this week stumbled upon the community during the night of the last day of the week. He only met ‘The Hurricane’ who spotted him and hailed him from his treehouse watchtower, introducing himself simply as ‘Edmund’. Edmund was welcomed to sleep in the nearly constructed great hall alongside some of the community, to escape that night’s heavy rain and to avoid traversing the unknown in deep darkness.

Helga Braun and her children spent more time foraging in forest near the village (+ 18 food).

Alva spent much of her week cooking for the community and during some of her free time utilised a new ladder that ‘The Hurricane’ built up to his watchtower treehouse to watch over the forest and village.


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