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A Reflection on the Aftermath and the Californian Sentiment; By Ignacio Allende
Topic Started: May 9 2018, 10:28 PM (88 Views)
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Una reflexión sobre la Nueva Paz y el Sentimiento Fundamental Californiano
Presidente Ignacio José de Allende y Unzaga

I intend to paint a picture in the dawn of the pax americana. In between the Atlantic and the Pacific, lies our land: an amalgamate of geographies and climates, ranging from the Southmost to the Northmost of the globe. A well-dressed gentleman: Ice clothes it in the hat, Forests and jungles as a shirt and socks; the deserts form the lapels, boots and belt; the Andes, its pants, the marshes, its coat. Standing tall from Patagonia, looking Europe in the eye while its hairlocks breeze the Eastmost Russian border. Such is the immensity of our American super island that all the monarchs of Europe would've been forty times forty richer had they abandoned the Old World to set their thrones in the New One. Nothing can this be as well seen as by the original inhabitants, noble people of golden skin: I ask, is it possible that the natives were so wealthy in their lives that, unlike their brethren everywhere else in the Creation, they didn't have to fight for food or water, for this continent was vast and generous with both beast and Man? Excepting the great empires of the Inca and Mexica, the most adept scholars of history may as well attribute the lack of war cemeteries in this most wonderful of places to be indebted to its vastness: reaffirmed in the fact that after 300 years of colonization and pillage, America still provides to its children in a silver spoon, from a golden bowl. The sun comes from the Old World, as did the white and black blood that brought in here the Faith, the language and the markets. The sun sets in the Pacific, a most wonderful of oceans where exploration promises us wonders, as it once did to an Italian explorer called Critstobal Colón.

After the movements of Independence, the wars of action and reaction that took place in these last couple of years, new borders were drawn in the continent. Europe holds but a remnant of what now were its domains, Spain, with a last sigh, has let go of the lands that were its own: on a streak colored with blood, America cut its tie to Europe’s governance. Being the United States the first ignition of separatism, in due, to the more apathetic governance of the English, the fires of liberation have burnt like an ember turned into a conflagration which’s ashes now set everywhere but in the tree-barren Andes: the Last Crown stands alone between the most zealous of Republics: the Mexican Confederation, where men are equalized by the color of their blood; the Argentinian Federation, where Robespierre himself took his last breath, and the People’s Republic of the America: the most revolutionary and surprising country of the South: where slaves freed themselves. To the Northwest, neighboring the United States, British America and the Pacific, lays the Republic of California. A vast country created by the last divisionists, the conservative criollo masses, alienated by the populist reforms of the continent. it is indeed ironic that in this New World, the historical oppressors of the last centuries have to seek refuge and asylum: justice, however, is something we believe should not transfer from fathers to sons, and thus, we welcome with open arms any and all people who fall to our shores: be it from any origin. California was founded on an essential principle I hope our descendants live up to uphold, and that is that no matter the size of the city or town into which men and women are born, they’re, finally, the size of their actions; the size of their will to greaten and enrich their fellows.* We compromise to uphold that privilege for anyone who wants to walk in through our doors, among our people, along our notions of nationhood and freedom.

Our strength, I warn, is in welcoming people who look for freedoms. Be it in the sciences, in faiths and ideas. Californians, we own the luxury of hegemony and unity: of the Catholic faith, the Spanish language and our fundamental respect to each's property. and, just as we did in San Luis Potosí, I urge you all to forget not that frustration, ire and anguish belong not to one group alone: Oh, people! Don't become too comfortable: we need to stand up for ourselves and our fundamental principles if we're to survive in the comingcenturies: as I've had the privilege of your trust in Mexico and in the foundation of this land, I'll ask of you, one last time, to see in yourselves and the foreigner a friend until proven an enemy. To remember Mexico, to remember we're all immigrants in this country, to remember we're all equal in the eyes of our Creator.
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Though we come from a place of anger and ambition, do not sin of greed, do not sin of wrath.

We've built this country through sacrifice, and I urge the freest people in the world not to sacrifice it for self-interest. We may not share views, we may not share customs, but the Californian Sentiment is one of the people who’d rather die than let a tyrant choose their own fates: it takes bravery, dedication and commitment to be one of us, not more, not less.

When I look at the girls walking free in the ports, when I look at the academics in San Francisco, speaking every language of the European disposition, when I see the indigenous converts and the faces of the newcoming citizens, fleeing from Perú, immigrating from Spain, I see hope. I feel a fundamental trust to the good heart of our nation, and, speaking like an old and hardened father to virtuous family, I can merely warn you of what my tired eyes imagine could be the venoms of our paradise on Earth. Vice lives in every heart, but it is the man and woman who is free from their passions and chains who chooses righteousness, despite them themselves being flawed.

Brothers, sisters, I had a dream. Walking above a frozen river along men from every creed and kind, I found Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, the virgin, the Queen of Tepeyac welcoming all to Path’s End. She spotted me from among the crowd, and after a brief greeting, I humbled myself to her. We conversed a few words, and she asked of me, with the ease of a child and with the deepest of pained wisdoms in her voice: “Are you proud?”

And, much to my shame, I couldn’t answer.

I have done and seen more than I thought I ever would, and I am privileged to stand where I stand together with you; call this vision the hallucination of a man nearing the dusk of his life: I was young a long time ago. However, as there are still hours in my clock, I am committed to the dream of freedom of opportunity we sought since the establishment of the Spanish Juntas. Liberty has meant a lot of different things to a lot of different people in this continent, and we can only compromise to defend our own definition. In the proper respect of our democratic principles, I shall leave office someday and let fresh blood drive better, further, faster and beyond I'll ever see and know. Keep in mind, Californians, that leaders are geists: A government is only as good as its people, and like good followers of Christ, we must be both trying in our virtues and modest of our capacities to both be critical of what we've done and seek, as is the spirit of our explorers, what's best in new horizons if the old ones go astray. Though I may leave charge someday, I'll do so a free man among my kin. I'll love the things I love, I'll do the things I've willed to, and I'll be at the eternal service of my principles, as I hope every human being aspries to be, and this very Republic. I seek to be seen, by night's end, as a man with flaws and errors, with virtues and values, nobody above criticism, no one more deserving of my share in life than any. My fundamental reflection is that as long as peoples and nations breathe, they must keep fighting for their ideals; ours is the liberation of thought and self, and that must be our inner market, our strongest export, our best diplomacy! Never shall a slave set foot in our nation with chains! Never shall a worker not be entitled to the sweat of his own brow! Never may we surrender to invaders and hostiles who seek to threaten our hard-earned rights! Californians, may we stand together in ideals if not united by anything else; freely associated as is the right of the enlightened, the liberated! May every port of our nation be a beacon of light for the oppressed and the discontent, the exiled and the neglected! The struggle for the aggrandizement of our position on Earth continues! ¡Viva California, Viva América, vivan las naciones libres!

I hope, God willing, that when I look at Itza again in her dark eyes, I can smile and tell her how proud I am, of what I did, of what I tried, of how I died.
My dream, Californians, is that we all can enjoy that last cup of mead by day's end, and may all nations follow our example.

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*Actual quote by Ignacio Allende
"If liberals get the bullet, radicals catch the shot"

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