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Meeting in Weimar
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Emergency Meeting at Weimar; Regarding National Survival
Topic Started: Apr 24 2018, 01:11 AM (271 Views)
Hussam B.
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With ongoing open discussions regarding the nature of the final Peace Treaty that is to be dictated on the German Republic, it becomes clear that a Bolshevik style revolution is the least of our concerns. If we are to weather the coming crisis and amplify the small possibility for the survival of a German state, it is clear that we must put aside our differences and approach the crisis at hand as a united hold.

As such, acting Reichpresident Friedrich Ebert, the acting Council of People's Deputies, and the SPD call for an emergency meeting at Weimar encompassing all parliamentary parties across the political spectrum, the Spartacist movement, representatives of the army and defense forces, and major industrial representatives.

This meeting will be closed to all other uninvited persons unless invited by unanimous agreement of the participants.

((Proposal for creating a private forum area (Called "German Meeting at Weimar") that includes all major German players active inside Germany plus some NPCs representing the Army (Groener, Hindenburg, Reinhardt) and prominent industrialists

For clarity, this will include:
-Hussam B. (government/SPD)
-DehManofYourDreams (Centre Party)
-TTuring (USPD)
-Crickwich (Alfred Hugenberg),
-Dr_Novella (Rosa Luxemburg),
-JV (Karl Liebknecht) ))
Balance of Power XVI (1919) - German Government/SPD party


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