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Abascal murders again!; The Lunatic in Limia continues his massacers
Topic Started: Apr 5 2018, 10:38 AM (75 Views)
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Editorial pusblished among others in the Montevideo Times, Boston Mercury, The London Times, Le Figaro, Berliner Tageszeitung

While the war on the south american continent seems far away for many of the citizens worldwide, it is worth noting that it is there that a new, no an older type of warfare is being implemented. Not since the Huns and there massacers of entire cities has there be an empire more cruel and one with greater lust for the blood of the innocent, then that of the so called "Inca" Abascal. A man who is not only pactating with heathen savages, but who is boasting about it and even went so far as having him "rebabtized" after an ancient native-ritual where he devoured the still beating heart of a christian virgin, accompanied by the chanting of peruvian magicians, who see him as the "Inca of Blood and Gold" an ancient prophecy about one godking who will soak the earth in the blood of all those who will not kneel to his unholy demands.
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Abascal is known for sacrificing any critics of him in satanic rituals as shown above

And the unholy adomination that is Abascal continues on his journey to fullfill this prophecy. After he visciously ordered to murder all christians in the Rio de la Plata-region, his satanic disciples have put all girls, all of them under the age of 15 in chains. After they used those poor souls for their unnatural longings they are now murdering them by the thouasands to their new god Abascal.
There are still those who doubt Abascals motives. They try to defend his horrific deeds by claiming that his enslavments where a punishment or a rational strategy, but everyone who has a tiny bit of logic in his mind will reject such laughable explanations: Even if Abascal was a common slavetrader, a man purely driven by the greed and cruelty deeply embedded in his indio-bones, he would surely not take the children. Anyone who ever had the misfortune of learning about the slave buisness, will agree that this would Abascal would be the first slaver who does not take healthy young men and women to fill his pockets with bloodmoney. No slaver would ever only take girls. This is not slavery, this is an unholy mission to exterminate the criollos of south america and to get a supply of bodies for his unholy rituals.

The one who learnt this the hardest way was Fernando, the naive and arrogant child, who had always trouble with seeing the harsh reality with his own eyes. First when he pacted with Napoleon in order to get the spanish crown and instead got arrested. Secondly when he not only declared war on the Federation, but also allied with the animal Abascal.
Maybe it was his five years spent in luxurious "captivity" in napoleonic france, that made an exagerated, but still somewhat understandable naivity and incompetence of his childhood into the complete denial of reality that is now his modus operandi. But no mistake was bigger and more obvious then the one of moving the seat of his "goverment" to Lima, leaving behind all those who truly believed in their young king and once again changing the grim realities of war against the soft cushions of foreign luxuries, while once again leaving good, brave men fighting for his cause behind him. The world will never know if it was the weak blood of his family or his youth spending varriing between running away from problems or enjoying luxuries, that made him the weak men that he is now, although the shining example of the Infante, who unlike Fernando was not afraid to fight and if necessary die by his men points to the latter.

However what we do now is that from the second his foot touched south-american soil after his latest escape from the responsibilities of a king he was and still his completly at the mercy of Abascal, whose indio-soldiers worship him as a new godemperor and who are supported by asian corsairs, the scum of the asian seas, who Abascal offered asylum.
Even though to this day there are men who believe fighting for Fernando the king of Spain, they are truly fighting for a marionette of Abascal. Where earlier it was Godoy pulling the strings in the background, it is no a more sinister force that is ordering Fernando what to do and what to say.
Is it a coincence that the "king" is never seen outside his luxurious prison in Lima? That all the soldiers "guarding" him are indios and asians? Is it a coincidence that Abascals private chamber lies directly next to those of the Queen Charlotte, while Fernando sleeps at the other end of the palace? We leave our readers to decide.

The only question remaining is: How can the nations of Europe justify their continued neutrality in this conflict between good and evil? How can any decent man do that? How can anyone tolerate the selling of white girls, crying and praying to God, to indio-animals and oriental potentates?
How can any christian still claim that Abascal is fighting for his god?

Today Neuva Buenos Aires is the new Byzanz and Abascal and his satanic hoards are the new turks, coming to rain fire and destruction on to all good men and women out there who are not willing to bend their knees to their satanic empire. Imagine how many christian lives could have been save, would the nations of the world just defendend Byzanz.

Just imagine how many generations will suffer in the endless wars that will surely start in the following centuries if Abscal is not stopped now.
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