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Nationalistic Partisanship on the rise
Topic Started: Feb 23 2018, 05:01 AM (179 Views)
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Though the censorship laws of Austria Hungary prevent much reporting, gossip travels throughout the empire upon Crown Prince Rudolph's apparent kidnapping and rescue. In Hungary, national extremists use the event to decry the Hapsburgs as vulnerable, unstable, and as always unfit to rule over Hungarians. Many Hungarians wives use the event to likewise critique the nationalists in their womanly gossip circles, on the basis of how heartbroken Empress Sisi, who while looking to Hungary to start a royal fashion line, must surely be suffering something awful. The question on the tip of everyone's tongue is "Which group did it?". In Austria, the mob likewise believes nationalists committed the deed, but use it to rally in favor of the Hapsburg monarchy, citing the self evident brilliance of the Crown Prince who escaped fiendish probably slavic villians, and a general aghastness to the idea of kidnapping a royal family member.

On the whole, the affect of the event is to cause nationalist partisanship throughout the empire between slavs and Germans to worsen.
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