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Power & Revolution Discord; Discord for Power & Revolution
Topic Started: Feb 4 2018, 11:51 AM (262 Views)
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Hello, here's an invite to the Power & Revolution Discord server.
It's not official, but I think it's the closest to official as we're going to get.

Here you can:

1. Discuss Power & Revolution.
2. Get help with basics, strategies, problems and bugs.
3. Debates in both text and voice for those who wish.

Rules for the Power & Revolution Discord:

1. Don't spam.

2. Everyone is allowed to voice their opinions, you're allowed to say what you want, unless you are acting like an asshole towards one spesific group or a fellow chatter. Cursing is allowed. Hate speech is not allowed. Memes are allowed.

3. Don't be an asshole. Don't be rude or be antagonizing with intent. Act towards others like you want them to act towards you.

4. No propaganda allowed - No advertising for you're political ideology. No manipulating with lies in order to promote you're political ideology.

5. Use manners when discussing or debating.

Breaking rules could result in ban from the server, depending on severity. Warnings will be given if stepping over the line.

Power & Revolution Discord:

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