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Subforum threads; what went where
Topic Started: Jan 5 2018, 10:08 AM (176 Views)
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Since archiving games requires putting an end to their subforums, this thread explains where each thread was located before said end.

Pinned: OOC
Pinned: Signups
Pinned: Suggestions
Pinned: Stats
Pinned: AMA
Pinned: Important Announcement
Pinned: Background and rules
[as well as all the turn threads and epilogue thread started by Robespierre]

Pamphlets, Articles, Speeches
A call to Campesinos
General Benjamín G. Hill's Retirement Speech
Commission for the Restoration of Commerce
Presidential Address to the Nation
Zapata Aid Organization
Mexico City Updates
Open letter to the President Raymond Poincaré
The Situation in Mexico
An Interview with Madero
General Pershing sidesteps Mexican Civil War
The Plan of Mexico City
A short say on Reforma, Libertad, Ley y Justicia
El Plan de San Antonio
True Origin of Huertistas' Religious Devotion
The Plan de Queretaro
Catholic News
Amendment to the Plan de Ayala
Montezuma Trading Society
Americans, led by General John Pershing, Occupy V
The Property that Ends Mexico
On The End of Property in Mexico
Unity in the face of Yankee Imperialism
Dispatch from Manila regarding the Maroland
Diario de Los Trabajadores
Proposal for a Museum in Cuernavaca
As a prolonged violent conflict faces Mexico
Introducing General Pascual Orozco
Curriculum Vitae of Manuel Gamio

US Embassy
Pinned: The United States
Implementatioon of the Monroe Doctrine
Protestations of invasion.

German Embassy
Pinned: The German Empire
Request for Aid

Holy Alliance
[all the turn threads started by Andre Massena, Red John and Commrade Yusuf]
Montezuma Trading Society's Role
Increasing support for our government

Revolutionary Command
In the even of Madero's death
Appearance of Organiztion
The situation
Phase 4
Phase 3
Phase 2
Phase 1

Progressive Constitutionalist Party
Land Reform Referendum
Party Leadership

Peace Summit
Negotiations [thread started by Polyakov]

Pinned: Members
Negotiations (Pages 1 2 )

Pinned: Members
Safe release of Americans

Pinned: Members
Turn 4 [thread by Sachieiel]
Turn 3 [thread by Sachieiel]
Plans for turn 2
New information
Offer of support
Acquiring weapons and provisions

Pinned: Members
Turn 5 [thread by MDennis3]
Turn 4 [thread by Red John, two pages]
Turn 3 [thread by Andre Massena, 11 posts]
Turn 2 [thread by Andre Massena, 8 posts]
Turn 1 (Pages 1 2 )

Division del Norte
Pinned: Members

Mexican Military
Pinned: Members
Turn 20 [thread started by Mr. Belpit]
Turn 18 Military Plans
Military Achievements
Announcement to the Division del Norte
Civil War
Yankee Imperialist Invasion! (Pages 1 2 )
Orozco Rebellion (Pages 1 2 )
Orozco and Zapatista rebellion (Pages 1 2 )

Congress of the Union (subforum of Chapultepec Castle which had no topics in it)
Pinned: Composition
Congressional Inquiry on Second Governments
Proposal for a Museum in Cuernavaca
Congressional Inquiries
Miscelaneous proposals I
Pensions Vote
Motion to establish Tribunal and Commission
Cooperative Farming Assistance
A reduction in armed forces (Pages 1 2 )
Law 701
Motion of No Confidence (Pages 1 2 )
Tri-Partisan Constitutional Council
Campesino Land Tribunals Betterment (Pages 1 2 )
Expanding the Government of the Workers
Education Bill Vote (Pages 1 2 )
Church Protections
Reparations to Guatemala and the US (Pages 1 2 )
Government of the Workers
Labor and Land Reform Votes

Magonistas and other radicals
Pinned: Members
Political Points (Pages 1 2 )
Counter revolution (Pages 1 2 )
Government Actions
Maintaining power.
Updates and Plans (Pages 1 2 3 ...4 )
Season 2 turn 1
Season 1 Finale
Turn 8 Review; Turn 9 Planning (Pages 1 2 )
A good turn (Pages 1 2 3 ...4 )
Well fuck (Pages 1 2 3 ...4 )
Developing a New Constitution (Pages 1 2 )
Felipe Angeles changing sides (Pages 1 2 3 )
The defence of Chihuahua (Pages 1 2 )
The Future (Pages 1 2 )
Captured Americans (Pages 1 2 )
Madero's Fall (Pages 1 2 )
New Government Structure (Pages 1 2 )
Union organization
Introductions (Pages 1 2 )

Pinned: Members
Team huddle
Election strategy (Pages 1 2 )
Military Plans (Pages 1 2 3 ...13 )
Speech draft (Pages 1 2 3 ...4 )
Madero (Pages 1 2 )
State of negotiation with the US. (Pages 1 2 )
Terrezas and the elites
Domestic Plans (Pages 1 2 3 )
Silly Villistas
Fake President Declares War
Zapata's Desertion
Election proposal
Pope opposes Maderistas
Military Reorganization
Current Cabinet
Land Reform
Maderista Manpower (Pages 1 2 3 ...4 )
Idea - Election
Zapata actions
Orozco and Zapatista rebellion (Pages 1 2 ) [22 posts]

Pinned: Members
Turn Reports
Plan of Ayala (subtitle: LI've it, love it, learn it.)
Jv and Naz
Yankee Invasion
Morelos (Pages 1 2 )
Contact with non-zapatistas
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