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State of the Confederation
Topic Started: Nov 18 2017, 05:20 PM (310 Views)
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Still in its tent at the border of the Chaco the elected dictator Artigas decided that it was his duty to inform the congress and the people of Argentina of the course of the war and the general situation of the Confederation of Argentina. Since he was unable to attend the congress personally his brother read the his speech out loud, while countless copies were distributed to every town and village of Argentina so everyone could firsthand her these information.

Citizens of Argentina, who you have fought so bravely for this republic, my brothers and sisters, iam writing you today to inform you all about the recent events.

First i want to adress the hidden front, the homefront. While we soldiers in the field here do fight and kill for our common gift of freedom, the citizens at home are still doing their part. It hurts my heart that the peacefull people of Great Argentina are suffering in so many ways, from death on the battlefield to the constant poverty at home. In Paraguay, we can see how our country would flourish independtly would we not pay the price for this desperate war for freedom and independence.
But despite the price we have paid and will be paying as long as necessary, iam also proud about what we have achieved. While the South is ravaged by ethnical conflict, we have remained peacefull and united. It is often forgotten that it was us who first freed the slaves and instead made them free citizens.

Our public shool system is ever expanding and is a shining beacon of public education around the globe. While in some of our neighbouring countries fanatical priests are connected to produce new forms of hate and ignorance, in our shools every child learns to work together, it learns how to both be free and strong, but also a valuable member of our republic, that is both intelligent and independent in his thinking.

With Nueva Buenos Aires we have proven that we will not bow down to tyranny and massmurder. After the horrible crimes of Goyeneche the coward we built this town new and at this date the harbour is filled with ships coming from the old world, carrying with them immigrants, who are just like our ancestors brave enough to seek their new fortune in this great land. These man and women are willing to take part in this wonderfull republic.

But while internally our republic flourishes, external forces continue to threaten us. In Spain a new tyrant has finally taken back the throne, the british soldiers and spanish guerilla have so generously provided him with. Now he has sworn vengenance to Argentina, officially because we are heretics to the faith. The real truth is of course much simpler: Spain has only accomplished two things in the last five hundred years. First they paid off the right italian capitan, that happened to accidently discovered America and secondly they were able to get immensly rich from that discovery. Well, the first was blind luck and the second achievment is even less appealing: Because what did they actually accomplish? This whole colony and the other colonies the spanish erected on the Americas was built to steal wealth for the spanish crown. At first from the indios in the South, where the spanish conquistadors stole more gold and silver then any thief ever before and later they brough our ancestors here to steal from them. And now Spain is afraid, because they know that once we have discovered that we can live much better without a fat, foreign king filling his pockets with our wealth, Spain will fall into poverty and will quickly be forgotten. So they have to kill us now and delay the inevtibale freedom of its slaves a little while longer, no matter over how many bodies they have to walk to get there.

Sadly our potential allies in Haiti, Paraguay and Mexiko seem determined to destroy themselves. In Haiti they are more worried how to insult argentinians the best, instead of working together with us and the americans to defeat the spanish. While it seems that a nation of former slaves would understand the need to defeat the spanish, who treat slave who have been trying to escape the worst, but it seems they are simply not capable of understanding the bigger picture.

On the other hand in Paraguay we see a disturbing form of extended contact with the Jesuits and the church, who both worked closely with the spanish crown to enslave this continent. This disappoints Argentina, as its always the hardest to see a brother doing a selfdestructing thing.

In Mexiko it is another surprise that just after defeating the spanish crown, the mexikans are now apparently want to help their former allies with all their strength, to make the spanish strong enoug again that they can retake Mexiko. It is a puzzle, but hostilities are bound to break out soon.

In all three cases the argentinian goverment will keep a close eye on those apparently untrustworthy allies and diplomatically remind them of our common ground.

And while Fernando the Laughable is blabbing some made up stories about "heretic" we all are, the people of Argentina know the truth! Here there exists no inquisition, no one will force you to believe in their way. Iam catholic and i know many of you are too, but i also know that we all would rather die then allow anyone to be forced to follow another religion then his very own.

I can forgive Fernando the Laughable for his childish thinking that all Argentinians are strange heathens who pray to Satan or whatever fantasies he has about us. Do not forget, my fellow citizens, Fernando is a deeply troubled child, who has seen nothing from the world while being a pawn in Napoleons games, without any real knowledge of the world or politics. But i definetly can not forgive his outragous insults towards our proud gauchas.
Here in Argentina we were alone when the enemy hords came. So few men to hold such a long line. And when we called for help our women, mothers, sisters and daughters answered the call. They bled with me on the battlefield, they marched with me through deserts and jungels, rode with me, even if the odds where stacked against us, again and again. They are my sisters in arms and those of every true republican. We will not allow our women to be insulted by a tyrant from overseas. If i have to go into a battle i choose one argentinian gauchas above ten spanish men any time!

While Fernandos threats are as laughable as himself, sadly his troops are not such a laughing matter. The fact that the british under the brilliant Wellington did all the heavy fighting means that the spanish army is still very large, which means we will have to fight once more.

But i promise you one thing: We will fight them at sea, we will fight them at the beaches, at the landinggrounds, in the streets of our cities and in the pampa. Even if its take us ten times as long as the Dutch to free us from the spanish slavery, then we will fight anyway. Victory is our goal, victory no matter the costs, because without victory there will be no survival.

Jose Gervasio Artigas - The Eternal Consul - Independence Wars
Elected Dictator of the Argentinian-Brazilian Federation - Champion of the Repbulic

[HELM] Chief Helm Officer - Leutnant John Trakinovich - USS Vanguard
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