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Topic Started: Nov 18 2017, 12:03 AM (47 Views)
Flaming bolshevik
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North Korea is Best Korea
Before we begin construction it'd be wise to decide where we're going to begin building. We'd recommend beginning in Tabriz, cutting through Tehran and northeast towards Gombad-E-Kavus near the border with Turkmenistan.
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Ok, so major infrastructure projects along those lines will be expensive, cost focus, and take a long time. The benefits would be to increase economic representation of China within all the countries connected, increasing infrastructure levels in the countries improved (which contributes to increasing the level of development, financial outlook, and potentially focus increase), and creating significant numbers of jobs and financial growth in the countries being worked on as well as China.  Realistically I would need to cost individual projects within the initiative one at a time, but the likely scope of the project is around the 2500 credit mark, though in any individual case you would be paying just for the section of the initiative currently being worked on and funding it year by year (i.e. if a project costs 100 credits and take 4 years you can pay 25 credits each year rather than 100 straight up).  I would also note that in a number of countries along the way you are liable to meet inefficiencies as a result of corruption levels which might result in aspects of the projects going overbudget or taking longer.

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