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Subforum threads; what went where
Topic Started: Nov 12 2017, 10:55 PM (213 Views)
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Since archiving games requires putting an end to their subforums, this thread explains where each thread was located before said end.

This game was hidden for over a year, I only got around to archiving it now.

Game News and Info
Pinned: OOC and Questions Thread
Pinned: News articles
Pinned: Sign-in and how-to-play thread
Pinned: Private forum areas
Fundamentalist sentiment in Albania
Formation of a Nationalist Party
Autonomous Republic of Northern Epirus
Continued Greek occupation of Korça
"Principality of Mirdita"
Tension between town and countryside in Tirana
Land reform
International gendarmerie in Albania
The escape of Beqir Grebeneja
The Albanian tribes of Montenegro
A national bank for the country
Durrës and the ICC
Turn 8 - October 1, 1913
Turn 7 - September 15, 1913
Turn 6 - August 12, 1913
Turn 5 - July 29, 1913
Turn 4 - May 30, 1913
Turn 3 - February 3, 1913
Turn 2 - December 22, 1912
Turn 1 - November 28, 1912

Prospective cabinet
*A note is pinned to the treasury*
Serbia and Tirana
Turn 6 in the cabinet
Education (thread started by VGL)
Hasan Prishtina
Turn 5 - Cabinet troubles, and other issues
Appeal to Qemali
Turn 3 - the withdrawal of foreigners
Turn 2 - promoting Albania's cause abroad
Turn 1 - the founding of a government

Ottoman Fans
Let's get organized

Pinned: Current outsiders
Friends of Albania

Best strategy for Albania and Toptani
Albania's ruling future.

Reference materials
Newspapers, magazines and journals
Government and Politics

Public Square
Albanian Education
Albanian Committee
A Second Congress
The Ministry of Dhimiti Piluri
The Return of the King
Skanderbeg's Army
Offer to the national government at Vlora
An Appeal to the great powers
Berat conference
Poll: Thoughts on an official capital
Rise up!

Greek Master Race
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