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World Bank Rules.
Topic Started: Nov 2 2017, 10:38 AM (384 Views)
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The World Bank has the ability to finance in whole or in part investment projects relating to output of a country's economy and general infrastructure. For example: Transportation and infrastructure, education, environmental consciousness, energy investments, healthcare, access to food and potable water, and access to improved sanitation

The Board of Directors consists of USA, Japan, China, Germany, France, UK, India, Saudi Arabia, Canada. An investment project requires 6 out of 9 Directors to give their consent. In addition a director nation must be appointed to oversee repayments and is responsible for checking the world bank gets its money back.

Loan quantity and period of repayment will be decided on by the directors of the bank. A country may submit a loan request for any reason. The rate of interest on World Bank loans is fixed at 2% APR. Money borrowed from the World Bank does not count towards your debt limit. If your nation has under two focus maximum capacity then the World bank may pay the focus cost of the investment.

When a loan takes places your country will become increasingly globalised and the director countries will gain increased economic influence in your nation.

Projects carried out by the World Bank are immune to corruption.

Failure to pay back or repudiation of a World Bank loan causes all the Director countries that supported the loan to suffer economically for a certain amount of turns. It will potentially have cataclysmic economic effects on your nation.
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon - BoP 2009
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