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UNSC Rules
Topic Started: Nov 2 2017, 10:07 AM (262 Views)
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UN functions and rules.

The Secretary-General

The Secretary-General is in charge of moderating the affairs of the United Nations, including the closing of topics to signify the concluding of a vote, dismissal of subject or end of discussion, etc. The Secretary General is the GM team and may not be ousted.

The Security Council

The UNSC consists of five permanent members: the USA, USSR, China, UK and France, as well as ten non-permanent members. The forum area is viewable by all, but can only be posted in by, UN Secretary-General, and countries belonging to the UNSC. The Security Council is generally responsible for areas involving world security, so Security Council motions will tend to focus on areas such as endangering world security. General Assembly motions tend to skew more towards internal matters, such as poor working conditions in a nation.

Voting requires 9 out of 15 of all members to pass a motion, votes by non-player countries will be assigned by the GM team.

5 of the 10 non-permanent members of the General Assembly are re-elected every year to serve two-year terms. The next election is scheduled to take place in February 2009, seats up for re-election are marked - E. Countries cannot serve again for two years after their term ends. (This rule is ignored for the first election of the game).

There are five groupings for UNSC seats.

African Group. (AG)
Asia-Pacific Group. (APG)
Eastern European Group. (EEG)
Latin America and Carribean Group. (GRULAC)
Western European and Others Group. (WEOG)

The members of these groups are in the other pinned post to avoid cluttering this one up.

Current Non-Permanent members.


Burkina Faso - E
Libya - E


Vietnam - E


Croatia - E


Costa Rica - E



The UNSC and the SecGen have the power to initiate peacekeeping missions and to enact sanctions through a vote among its members. Permanent members have veto power over any such votes but may also abstain from voting.

Members of the UNSC may vote to condemn a country, whether it is in the UN or not. Permanent members may veto said vote. This is separate to a motion from the GA that is passed to the SC.

Permanent members of the security council may only veto votes in the Security Council but not in the General Assembly.

This means that you cannot veto any vote in the GA, but a vote in the GA that requires passing on to the UNSC can be vetoed there. If you vote in the GA in the resolution then you will be assumed to vote in that way in the Security Council.


Peackeeping missions initiated by the Security Council are deployed to a specific country. Within these missions are units, which require financial upkeep from members of the UN.

Peacekeeping units are "donated" from the existing units of UN member-states. A specific country is assigned by the UN Secretary-General to lead the mission, and any successes or failures of the mission can entail a gain or loss in diplomatic influence for said country.
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon - BoP 2009
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