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Subforum threads; what went where
Topic Started: Aug 13 2017, 12:08 PM (543 Views)
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Since archiving games requires putting an end to their subforums, this thread explains where each thread was located before said end.

This game was hidden for over a year at the request of the GM with the expectation that it would revive at a later date, but that isn't happening, hence why I'm archiving it.

Main Forum
Pinned: In the Beginning: Player Sign-Ups
Turn 3
Turgenev Station Crisis
Turn 2
Turn 1: Explosions in the Tunnels
The End Game
Turn 1
Turn 0 Exploration
Turn 0 Official

Graffiti and Rumors
NPC Stations
The Disappearance Of Chief Astvatsnov
Peoples Autocracy of Mayakovsky
The Republic
Nationalist Union of Socialist Stations
Gorodite Peace Negotiations
The Gorodite Strip
Okhotny Row
Restructuring Of The Provisional Gorodite Military
The Tverskoy Confederation
The Turgenev Republic
Dobryninskaya Station
Arbat Station
The Formation of the Republic
The First Kitaite Order
Theatre Square
Belarus Directorate
The Legends of the Citadel
Elektrozavod Station
The Merchant of Theatre Square
People's Autocracy of Mayakovsky
Tverskaya Station
The Democratic station of Lenin's library
The State Revolving around Taganskaya Station

Purging in Tretyakovskaya
The Kolzeatic League

The Tverskoy Confederation
Overall plan
Most Efficient Economy
Operation Hellfire
Night Wardens
OOC Discussion
Smolensk-Arbat Induction
Proxy War
Operation Consolidation
Pawnee Plan Revised
The Pawnee Plan
Military Council
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