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Private forum areas; what went where
Topic Started: Oct 31 2016, 01:14 PM (1,489 Views)
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Since archiving games requires putting an end to their subforums, this thread explains where each thread was located before said end.

Main ("Turn reports, questions, comments and sign ups")
Pinned: OOC chat thread (Pages 1 2 3 ...10 )
Pinned: SIGN UP HERE FOR AFGHANISTAN II (Pages 1 2 3 ...8 )
Pinned: The "Is He Still Playing?" Thread
February 1990
January 1990
December 1989
November 1989
October 1989
September 1989
August 1989
July 1989
June 1989
May 1989
April 1989
March 1989
February 1989

Public ("Embassies, newspapers, public declarations of all kinds")
What do the people want
Junbish - Army Reorganization
Useful document about Afghan politics circa 2001
Rescission of ban on political activity
National Unity Negotiations
Denunciation of Hezbe Wahdat Islami
Message to the PDPA from Dostum and the Junbish
I was thinking about our two Buddhas in Bamiyan
UNOHEAPA Petitions (Pages 1 2 3 )
The sad music of lonely Dostum in his prison cell
Announcement by Sheikh Khalis
Announcements, Afghan National Police
Two Announcements from the Afghan Army
Condemnation of the Barbary in Jalalabad
Why Afghanistan may be Socialist and Islamic
Province map of Afghanistan
Another, perhaps better, map
Declaration of National Unity and Peace
BBC documentary on post-89 Afghanistan
Iqbal's Dedicatory Epistle To King Amanullah
Soxta Islom Afg'oniston olib, barcha chet elliklar
Economic map of Afghanistan

Interim Loya Jirga ("National parliament of Afghanistan")
Pinned: OOC: Voting in the Interim Loya Jirga
1989.11.2 Animal Cruelty Ban (Pages 1 2 )
New Constitution
1989.12.1 - Media Fairness Act
Budgetary Proposals - Special Projects
1989.11.3 (Pages 1 2 )
1989.11.1 - Unified Cabinet
Establishment of Interim Loya Jirga

People's Democratic Party ("PDPA eyes only")
Pinned: Member list
Turn 2 Plan and Report
Turn 1 Plan

Council of Mujahideen ("Council of Afghan warlords and mujahideen")
Pinned: Member list
The south
US special envoy has arrived! (Pages 1 2 3 )
The North is cooked and it's my fault
It's time to let the cauldron boil, bring wood (Pages 1 2 )
Poll: The cauldron bubbled, didn't boil
Communication (Pages 1 2 )

Operation Cyclone ("CIA, ISI and affiliated groups (al Qaeda, Hizb-i Islami Gulbuddin, Ittehad-e Islami)")
Pinned: Member list
Strategy (Pages 1 2 3 )

Friends of PDPA ("Government + allies (Hezbe Wahdat, Soviet Union)")
Pinned: Member list
Turn 12
Working out a budget (Pages 1 2 )
Turn 11
Minister of Communication
National Aid
Chinese Troops & Aid
Loya Jirga Voting Strategy
Turn 10 (Pages 1 2 3 ...4 )
Staffing a Government
Turn 9 (Pages 1 2 3 ...5 )
Turn 8 (Pages 1 2 3 ...4 )
Turn 7 (Pages 1 2 3 )
Turn 6
Turn 5
Turn 4 (Pages 1 2 )
Turn 3 (Pages 1 2 )
Plotting The Next Move
Planning an offensive (Pages 1 2 3 )

Jamiat-e Islami ("Jamiat-e Islami + affiliated groups (Shura-e Nazar, China)")
Pinned: Member list
War Effort
Other efforts
The liberation of Afghanistan

Conference of Democrats ("PDPA + Massoud + Dostum + Hezbe Wahdat")
Pinned: Member list
Who represents the Aimaqs?
Question from foreign minister Dostum
A jirga of non salafists
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