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Why we're all here today.

Egypt has certain suspicions about the growing boldness and aggressiveness of Iranian foreign policy. In a number of actions, of course.

1. Construction of an Islamic School & Mosque in Ghana(which will undoubtedly be Twelver Shia)
2. Joint Iranian/Russian military cooperation, in terms of mission and major Iranian naval assets being built in Russia. This despite an active UN arms embargo on Iran
3. Suspect food aid packages delivered to Gaza(others have expressed worry that arms are being shipped to Gaza but an Egyptian investigation is still ongoing).

Certainly, Iran is rapidly spreading influence across the Middle East. Deepening Iraqi/Iranian/Russian ties, as well as the craziness of Al-Assad, greatly worries Egypt. We don't want to see a 'Shia crescent' descend upon the Middle East.

I think this needs to be addressed, and of course, we hope Turkey & Saudi Arabia are of the same mind.

What are your thoughts?
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