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First Turn

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Sea Level: 1 (Glacial Maximum, lowest sea level)

Each player has one of each kind of action within their bank. Post your actions within this thread. If you have questions about the rules, either post them in the rules thread or send them to me if you want to ask quietly. Once we have all nine turns in, the game will advance a turn. The first few turns will go pretty quickly since the world is pretty open and you have a lot of turns, so don't be afraid to post them quickly. If you want to discuss carving up areas or moving into places with others, feel free to either use the chat thread or use PMs, but keep this thread for posting your orders. If you change your orders, edit your post rather than make a new post please. This thread should have no more than 9 posts in it after mine, one for each of your orders.

Remember if you're going to use a deceit action (Wouldn't suggest it this turn obviously) then you post a fake action and PM me the real action you want to do.
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