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 America in 2007
Posted: Mar 30 2017, 12:56 PM

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The America in 2007 is very different from the REAL America in 2007. Republican President Thomas ''Tom'' MacCollow is in his final term. America, to say the least, is in very interesting times:


In January 2001, when MacCollow took office, America had a trillion dollar surplus. Now, the economy is crashing towards deficit and recession. MacCollow has cut, cut, cut, and spent the surplus on America's military. America has basically cut taxes 75%. Job Growth is dead. Job Creation is dead. 10.9% of the population is unemployed. Every day, despite low taxes, many companies move to other countries.


Under Interior Secretary Harald MacCartier, environmental regulations are practically nonexistent. President MacCollow defended this by saying he was protecting businesses by doing. However, pollution is up. Global Warming has increased. (Global Warming was proposed by a Harvard professor in this reality.) Two Oil spills have occurred in Pensacola, Florida, and Mobile Alabama. Oil, to President MacCollow, is more important than the environment.


For 5 years, America has been at war. America is at war with two terror groups (Lukfajidi and Mlkisabad) and Syria. On October 18th, 2002, the terror groups worked together and attacked the U.S. They attacked Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington D.C. They flew a plane into the White House, blowing it up. President MacCollow barely survived. 7,232 lives were out in total that day. America and a 43 nation coalition declared war on the 3 groups. The war was popular when it first started, with 98% of Americans supporting it in January 2003, but four years later it only has a 39% approval, and a 47% disapproval. 8,525 American lives have been lost. However, in 2007, Congress will have the option to deny or allow 2 and a half to 10 war extension.


President MacCollow, an extreme Social Conservative, said that when it came to his beliefs on social issues, it was ''God, Guns, and America.'' With Democrats controlling Congress since 1998, Democrats and the White House have been gridlocked on any social policy. Democrats in Congress passed a bill to legalize gay marriage, which President MacCallow vetoed. This cycle on gay marriage occurred 18 times. MacCallow has tried his best to make Abortion illegal, which Democrats have blocked.

If you have any questions over any issue, just ask me.
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