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 Campaign for Presidency, Governor J.M. Thompson (D-Tx)
Posted: Apr 16 2017, 06:57 PM

double-crossing tinpot dictator bitch // Anarchist Party

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Announcement of candidacy:

Allow me to begin my thanking everyone present for coming to this meeting today. It is with great hope I announce my bid to seek out the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party of these United States of America. It is not a position to take lightly, the shoes our next president must fill are massive -- our next president must in this tumultuous time be decisive and ready to solve the crises we face today, proactively prevent the crises of the morrow, and remember the crises of the past. We must look to the past in admiration of the great steps our country has taken down a hard and weathered road, yet we must acknowledge our mistakes lest we fall victim to repeating the hard-earned lessons of history; we must look to the present so that we may stay grounded and fix the issues that threaten our values and our way of life today, but without turning a blind eye to what lies ahead; we must look to the future for our sake and for the sake of those who will follow us both in this magnificent country and the world, without losing sight of what is directly ahead of us.

We face now a turning point in our country's history. We have seen the disastrous policies of our current president, we have seen the deaths of our countrymen and countrywomen fighting in wars half-way around the world. We have seen families destroyed by an unstable and declining economy resulting from uninformed and ideological tax policies. We have seen our waters poisoned by lack of regulations and carelessness. We have seen the path of progress impeded by reactionaries.

I know what it means to grow up in poverty, I have seen the inequities inherent in our current system, I know what it means to pull one's self up by the bootstraps believe me I do, I started in a ghetto and now I run the great state of Texas. I know philanthropy, as a lawyer I helped many people who otherwise would have been lost.

I can promise you this America:

I will end the war in Syria, but I will make those who attacked and killed thousands of Americans in cold blood pay.
I will make America work again! We will have jobs again, the American tradition of small businesses will take hold again and rebuild this country from the ground up.
I will make sure our workers have rights, it is our working class which will make America great again, and we will ensure the working class is great again.
I will expand marriage equality to all Americans regardless of sexual orientation -- America will at last be on the right side of history in this.
I understand that many small towns are reliant on coal and oil to prosper, we will ensure your prosperity but America will move towards and lead the world in green energy, we are a nation of innovation.
I will ensure all Americans have healthcare, no family should go bankrupt because of cancer, and no American should die of preventable disease.
I will close Guantanamo Bay -- the stain of torture is a hideous stain on the American flag - a symbol of freedom and liberty, torture will never again be an instrument of America and I will seek to end it world wide.
I will make sure our veterans are taken care of -- those who risk their lives for this country have too long been forgotten, it is time at last that we remember them, and it is time we stop sending our sons and daughters to die in unnecessary wars.

A vote for Thompson is a vote for peace, a vote for prosperity, a vote for liberty, and a vote for the future!

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